I’d Let Her Tie Me Up

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When you’re looking for a hot and horny babe to dominate you into orgasm, where you do you turn? I know for me, femdom cam sex is where I turn. To have a babe that can boss me around in the sexiest possible manner, and it all goes down in real-time, is the ultimate turn on.

I’ve watched plenty of porn in my day and quickly was drawn to jerk off instruction videos. Especially when the woman was a bit aggressive about it. I loved being teased and needing permission to finally blow my load. I always cum so much harder after so much build-up. But with live cam shows, where the babe is actually speaking to me directly, heightens the experience so much. Sometimes they will even go cam to cam where they are watching you stroke off! 

One of my favorite cam babes is Kate-Desire. This raven-haired beauty gets so nasty and loves to express her sexuality freely. I love seeing her strip down to tease me, confident in her every movement as she deliberately works to make my balls beg for release!